Saturday, 16 July 2011


Gone are the days when people use to be naturally fit and healthy. The life in the past was more relaxing , there were not many junk foods available. People use to it natural foods , walk a lot , work hard , exercise . With the increase in the technology , communication services we are becoming lazy and look every possible ways to make our tasks easier. Its a serious threat for us in the future . 

We give so much importance to wealth , recognition , success . But imagine you have all these things but you are not healthy and fit to enjoy all these. Whats the use? Imagine the amount of money you spend or will spend on your medicines and health if you don't take care of your health now. 

There are lots of weight loss , weight gain ,  tummy tuck programs being offered in the market which gives temporary results  and based on dieting , supplements and other artificial nutrition. These all programs are expensive which a normal person cant afford.

The only way to get your dream fitness is Exercise and diet. Diet here doesn't mean eating less but eating smart. The only organization that is successfully working in helping people to achieve their fitness and health  goals is Talwalkars. 

Since 1932 , Talwalkars have been the pioneer of health and fitness in India and now have more than 104 clubs across India to make people realize the extreme wonders of health in Right way. The focus is not only physical well being but the mental well being itself. Each staff in the company is committed to only one vision Health India. Now with more holistic approach to health , Talwalkars is Geared up to ensure 100% success to every member. 

Wonderful trainers , Dietitians , masseurs , management , counselors , customer service officer all working in one direction -- providing wonderful health and fitness to our members. The satisfaction and the sense of achievement we all feel  when you see people become wonderfully fit and recover from their health problems motivate us further to do the improbable. We teach people the new way of lifestyle. 

Lets spread this message to all of India and work in one direction - Healthy India , Fit India. 

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